Nouveau centre 5 axes FIDIA courses 4350*2350*1400mm broche HSK 100/55 Kw

EUROP3D is a company Certificated ISO9001 V2008,
Our turnover is 900k€

We are specialized in the production of Trimming tool, lay up tools,
RTM/SMC moulds, testing tools, drilling tools, PU moulds Our tools/moulds are
designed in CATIA V5.
We use to mill INVAR,ALUMINIUM,STEEL, or welded Frame In our 5 Axis
milling machine and check it in our Zeiss MMT

We can answer for full project, From the design of the tools with CATIA V5 till
the control of the specification on our CMM Zeiss .

We have 2 workstations dedicated to Work NC CAM software.

Our Fleet Of machine is :